Matheran or Igatpuri: Your choice for the next getaway?

While Mumbai will always be the activity hub of cities, the scorching heat and hectic life will always be a weekend mood killer.

Luckily, the over twenty hill stations in and around Bombay will take away your 9 am – 5 pm stress of Monday to Friday.

Wondering where your next weekend getaway from Mumbai should be? Flee yourself from the hustle of the Bombay life by visiting one of the two most favorite weekend destinations, Matheran or Igatpuri.

To make this choice much simpler for you, let us look at the different activities that these hill stations will have to offer you:


With a literal meaning of “forest on the forehead”, Matheran is one of the smallest but the only hill stations to be completely automobile free. From relaxing horse rides to nature walks amid the pleasant weather, Matheran offers a relaxing weekend in between the clouds.

At an altitude of 800 meters, Matheran has over 33 points from where you can enjoy the natural beauty in a panoramic view. A definite unmissable activity is the toy train of Matheran that drives you through its dense forests and hills.

Get adventurous by trekking your way up to Louisa Point, where you can experience the lakes and waterfalls from the peak.

If you wish to get a little more adventurous, Shivaji’s Ladder near the One Tree Hill Point will ensure an adrenaline rush within the serene of nature.

With so much to look forward to, one aspect to take care of is the families of monkeys that surround you from the moment you enter Matheran.

Keep your sparkly biscuit wrappers hidden, or witness the monkeys enjoy a little.


If spirituality, beauty, and adventure had one thing in common, it would be Igatpuri. The golden pagoda at Igatpuri is home to the largest Vipassana meditation center.

In addition to the free meditation courses that they have for you, the beautiful scenic view during monsoon rains will act as an indirect meditator to your soul.

Next to intake heaps of fresh oxygen, the five waterfalls at Camel Valley with the Bhatsa River will create a soothing atmosphere to captivate you.

Covering the adventure and beauty aspect in one, the Kalsubai Peak and the Tringalwadi Fort are the perfect spots for nature and trek lovers.

Both these destinations have iconic temples like the Kalsubai Temple and the Lord Hanuman temple, respectively, which are unique pieces of architecture that attract several tourists throughout the year. The Vaitarna Dam is another breath-taking sight enveloped by the canopy of nature.

Witnessing a sunrise or sunset while several individuals indulge in activities like fishing and boating would be a scene straight out of a movie.


Weekend getaways away from Mumbai will always be something to look forward to. Let your Matheran getaway be a group trip for you and your friends to enjoy conduct different activities together.

while your Igatpuri trip becomes a trip where you can focus on your inner-self and peace.


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