Top 10 Places to Visit Igatpuri in One Day

If you love visiting places with beautiful landscapes, majestic mountains, and stunning views, then Igatpuri should definitely be on your bucket list. Igatpuri is the perfect spot for visitors who love nature.
This town has an excellent climate and the fact that it is far from the city makes it the ideal spot to relax your body and refresh your mind and soul. It is located in the Sahyadri Hills of Nashik District, Maharashtra.
There are several amazing places to visit in Igatpuri in one day, but let’s look at 10 of them.

Kalsubai Peak

Mountain Kalsubai is popularly known as the Everest of Maharashtra. This is because it is the highest peak in the Sahyadri Hills and the state of Maharashtra. From the top of this mountain, you get a unique and breathtaking view of the mountains in Bhandardara. Adventure lovers can trek to explore the peak, while others can take the man-made stairs to the top.

Vipassana Institute of Meditation

This is the largest Vipassana meditation centre in the world and one of the most popular places to visit in Igatpuri. It was founded by S.N. Goenka and offers meditation courses to people looking for spirituality and inner peace. The courses are based on the strict meditation form which Gautam Buddha first started teaching in 6 B.C. At the entrance of the institute is a huge golden pagoda that serves as a landmark for Igatpuri

Ghatandevi Temple

The Ghatandevi Temple is situated near the Igatpuri Railway Station. It is dedicated to Ghatandevi, the protector of the ghats. It is an important pilgrimage site located in a stunning valley. This makes the atmosphere around the shrine calm, and devotees find the place peaceful and relaxing.

Tringalwadi Fort

Tringalwadi fort is one of the places to visit in Igatpuri. Located 3000 ft above sea level, it is popular among trekkers and hikers. The fort is just behind the Ghatandevi Temple. It has a turban-like top which allows visitors to get a magnificent view of the surrounding mountain range as well as the Konkan and Nashik routes.

Sandhan Valley

Adventure lovers looking for a challenging trek can check out the 2km long Sandhan Valley, which locals call “The Valley of the Shadows.” It is a combination of a canyon and a valley and is popularly known as “Maharashtra’s Grand Canyon.” There are several other outdoor activities for people looking for a change in their daily routine. Madan, Ajoba, Ratangad, Alang, and Kulang are just some of the mountain ranges surrounding the valley.

Vihigaon (Ashoka) Waterfall

Vihigaon Waterfall is the perfect spot for those who want to be surrounded by nature. The waterfall is 120 feet high, and visitors can choose to engage in rappelling for up to 30 minutes. It is one of the quietest places to visit in Igatpuri. There is also a hiking trail through the woods, which is exciting and fascinating.

Kasara Ghat

Sometimes referred to as Thal Ghat, Kasara Ghat is a mountain pass that connects Nasik to Mumbai. It is located at an almost 2,000-foot elevation and is surrounded by dense green hills and breathtaking natural beauty. This makes it a popular place to visit in Igatpuri for adventurists and nature lovers.

Bhatsa River Valley

Those looking for peace and calm will find the Bhatsa River the perfect spot. It offers a scenic view of the river as well as the surrounding plains and hills. During the rainy season, the place becomes a paradise of lush greenery, incredible waterfalls, and a blanket of fog. Together with its beautiful rock formations, this transforms the Bhatsa River into nothing short of a paradise.

Camel Valley Point

Camel Valley Point has five waterfalls falling from a single source. This makes the valley one of the most popular places to visit. The view of these amazing waterfalls is not something you want to miss. It is just a few kilometres before the Bhatsa River Valley and is a popular picnic location for photographers and nature enthusiasts.

Talegaon Lake

If you love sleeping under the stars, Talegaon Lake is a great place to set up your camping tent. This spot is just built near the dam from which you get to enjoy an attractive view of the surrounding mountains. It is usually silent because only locals from Igatpuri and nearby regions tend to come here. So, you can enjoy your peace and quiet by sitting by yourself or taking a soothing evening stroll.


Igatpuri is a safe destination for you to visit with your friends and family. It is ideal for a weekend getaway, but you can also explore these most popular spots in a day as well. The best method to reach Igatpuri is by road. It is located just 121 kilometres from Mumbai, and the 3-hour journey itself is an amazing experience. Igatpuri also has its own railway station for those who love to travel by train.
The monsoon season from June to September is a great time to visit. However, you can also visit during the winter period from November to January. So, mark your calendar and plan your visit to Igatpuri.


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